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About my practice

We mostly interact with the things surrounding us by moving with or through them. Through this physical interaction we slowly build a movement vocabulary that in turn informs our bodies in certain ways. Over time, the way we move with the objects becomes concretised, relationally our bodies too.

My object-based design practice takes up these concretised sets of relationships and explores the alternative potentials within the materials, forms and bodies in their ongoing entangled relationships. This practice demonstrates the importance of considering bodies always in relation to live assemblages of other materials and objects. Bodies and objects are constantly forming temporary operational solidarities that are always calling forth bodies yet-to emerge.

In order to explore the new solidarities to be formed, I work with the idea of non-object, abstract artefacts, that cannot be identified as objects yet.

These series of non-objects are designed to interrupt, disturb or break established habits of moving. In that I invite you to touch, hold, grab and move with these objects to explore the endless emergent relations that our bodies continuously form.


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