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We primarily engage with our surroundings through movement and physical interaction. Over time, these experiences contribute to a personal movement repertoire that shapes our bodily awareness and responses. Our interactions with objects and spaces become ingrained, solidifying both our relationship with our environment and our own physicality. My interaction-based design practice challenges these established patterns and investigates the unexplored possibilities inherent in the dynamic interplay between materials, forms, and bodies. This approach emphasizes the interconnectedness of bodies and their material environments, recognizing that these entities continuously evolve together. Bodies and objects forge temporary, functional alliances, inviting the emergence of new bodily experiences. To explore and nurture these developing solidarities, I focus on the concept of the "non-object" – abstract artefacts that defy conventional object classification. These non-objects are designed to disrupt habitual movement patterns and invite users to engage with them through touch, manipulation, and movement. In doing so, I encourage the discovery of endless, emergent relationships and promote an expanded understanding of our bodies' potential within the broader context of our material world.

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